Consulates are not permitted to process divorce registrations. 

Divorces and separations require rulings by the judicial authorities of the countries in which the Portuguese national and ex-spouse live.

All divorce proceedings taking place in a foreign country involving Portuguese nationals or a Portuguese national and a foreign national, must be reviewed and confirmed by a Portuguese Court.

Once the sentence is confirmed, the court informs the Registry Office to endorse the ruling on the national’s birth certificate.

The applicant must hire a lawyer in Portugal who will inform which documents are necessary.

The Consulate cannot advise names of lawyers. If you do not know a lawyer in Portugal, please check the Portuguese Lawyers Association website (www.oa.pt).

Generally, the divorce certificate needs to be authenticated by Apostille (www.dfat.gov.au), translated by an official translator (link list for translators) with signature authentication by this Consulate General.

The authentication of signature costs AUD 23.55 and can be done by mail * (link to signature recognition)

Note: it is the citizen’s obligation to have the civil status up to date in all documentation.

The Portuguese citizen’s married name will remain the same until the divorce or separation ruling is endorsed on the birth certificate

* Amount subject to exchange rate