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Investigation Finds Pattern of Racial Bias by Aurora, Colo., Police

A Colorado Attorney General’s office investigation that began after death of Elijah McClain showed Aurora police engaged in a pattern of racial bias, excessive force and illegal use of the powerful anesthetic ketamine.

Two weeks ago, I announced the grand jury indictments in the Elijah McClain investigation. Today, I’m here to discuss a separate matter. The findings of the civil investigation of the Aurora Police and Fire Department. This investigation concluded that the Aurora Police Department and Aurora Fire and Rescue have a pattern and practice of violating rights secured by state and federal law. Specifically, we found that Aurora Police has a pattern and practice of racially biased policing, using excessive force and failing to report required information when it interacts with the community. Moreover, we concluded that Aurora Fire has a pattern and practice of administering ketamine in violation of the law. We conducted a set of detailed analysis of internal Aurora Police data that reflects police activity since 2018. That data revealed statistically significant racial disparities, especially with regard to Black people, in nearly every significant facet of police contact with the community. We found that Aurora Police has repeatedly engaged in unlawful and unconstitutional uses of force, regularly applying greater force than reasonably warranted by the situation. We observed officers using force to take people to the ground without first giving them adequate time to respond to officer commands or generically reciting “stop resisting” when trying to control subjects, even though it appeared from other available evidence that the subject was not resisting.

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