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California Recall Voters Say, ‘We Need Change’

Voters across California cast their ballots in a recall election to decide the political fate of Gov. Gavin Newsom. The Democrat’s main challenge is from the Republican candidate Larry Elder.

“Well, it’s always important to vote no matter what to exercise your rights. But today is particularly important because I’m not sure that everybody understands the consequences for not voting. You know, if we recall Governor Newsom, who knows who we end up with.” “Personally, I think that we need change in California. You know, I’ve been born and raised here, and the state has been in decline for the last five or so years.” “The option, unfortunately, is a very extremist conservative, and I don’t believe in the values that he imposes on women. I don’t believe in the values that he has to impose his beliefs on the American people.” “Larry Elder seems to have all the issues — what’s going on, what needs to be addressed. And I wish him the best today, I pray he gets in, and like I said, I’m a Democrat and — I — Gavin needs to go.” “I just think there is no reason for the recall. I think the job he’s doing is the best job that he could do.”

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