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Biden Calls for Action on Climate Change

President Biden highlighted the high numbers of American communities damaged in recent extreme weather events, and the cost of the climate crisis on the U.S. economy, during a speech in Colorado.

Communities that nearly one in 3 Americans call home have been struck by weather disasters in just the past few months. Hurricanes in the Gulf Coast are up to the — and up to the Eastern Seaboard, — wildfires threatening throughout the West and tearing it apart. Droughts and heat waves across the country, devastating farmers and ranchers, and draining the Colorado River. In addition to the lost lives, lives shattered, extreme weather cost America last year $99 billion. $99 billion, extreme weather costs last year, and it’s going to break the record this year. It’s going to be well over $100 billion. We know what the driver is: climate change. I’ve set a course for the United States to achieve 50 to 52 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030. We can do that. We can do all of this in a way that creates good jobs, lowers cost to consumers and businesses and makes us global leaders in an entirely new industry.

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