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Biden Administration Pushes for Expanded Child Care Funding

Vice President Kamala Harris and Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen urged an overhaul of the country’s child care system. The Biden administration detailed failures by the private sector to provide affordable, high-quality care to families as the U.S. faces labor shortages.

This report confirms what millions of American families know and experience every day. Child care remains too expensive and out of reach for far too many working families in our country. This report confirms we need to bring costs down with a significant public investment in our child care industry. The report the Treasury is releasing today finds that most parents need child care at the exact moment when they can least afford it, at the beginning of their career when their income is lowest. To get quality child care, the average family would have to spend 13 percent of their income, more than they spend on food. But even this spending isn’t enough to ensure an adequate supply of child care. The United States has a severe child care shortage. Roughly half of Americans live in child care deserts, areas where there’s only one day care spot for every three kids. The child care centers that do exist are often in disrepair, operating on razor-thin margins with workers whose wages keep them at the edge of poverty. The free market works well in many different sectors, but child care is not one of them. It does not work for the caregivers. It does not work for the parents. It does not work for the kids. And because it does not work for them, it does not work for the country.

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