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‘My Job is About You,’ Cuomo Says After Attorney General Report

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York denied any wrongdoing following the release of a report by the state’s attorney general into allegations of sexual harassment against him. He said the investigation was a painful period for his family, but he would continue his work.

It has been a hard and a painful period for me and my family. My own family member is a survivor of sexual assault in high school. I have watched her live and suffer with the trauma. I would do anything to make it go away for her, but it never really goes away. I spent countless days and nights working through these issues with her and therapists and counselors. I’m governor of the State of New York, but I felt powerless to help, and felt that I had failed her. I couldn’t take the pain away. I still can’t. I say to my daughters all the time that as complicated as life gets is as simple as life is. My job is not about me. My job is about you. What matters to me at the end of the day is getting the most done I can for you. And that is what I do every day. And I will not be distracted from that job.

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