Coming here as somebody who just cares about ending human suffering, period, that was first, but then being able to draw from the moment, thinking about all those times — because there were multiple times I had eviction notices placed on my door or where I thought that one was coming — being able to draw from that because poverty is so expensive, poverty is expensive. And once you — once you are in a place, once you get that eviction notice, once that notice hits your door, even if you had the $2,000 or whatever it is, even if somebody said, “OK, I’ll get you the money to pay the rent,” the back rent and the late fees, once you get that notice, that means it’s been to the lawyer. So now that adds more money and then all of these other fees. Now you owe an extra $2,000 or $3,000, or more. And so now where do you come up with that in three days or seven days or 10 days? There are so many pieces to being unhoused. It is not OK to say just because I don’t understand it, that it’s OK to let people go out. No, but because I do understand it, I do know what it’s like. I do know what it’s like to have babies sleeping in a car with trash bags, my belongings, everything I own in trash bags because I know what that’s like. There’s no way that I can sit back and be quiet.

By Reuters

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