new video loaded: Congress Awards Medals to Officers Who Responded to Jan. 6 Riot



Congress Awards Medals to Officers Who Responded to Jan. 6 Riot

“We will be forever thankful to them,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar after the Senate voted to give the police officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 Congressional Gold Medals.

Passing this bill, which, of course, already passed the House — and, yes, I agree with Senator Schumer about how it is impossible to understand why some people voted against it — but it still passed with bipartisan support, is another step forward to honor the heroism and sacrifice of our law enforcement. Those medals, when little kids walk by and see him at the Smithsonian, their parents are going to be able to tell them: “This happened.” This attack happened, and there were brave police officers and staff and others in this building that stood up that day and protected our democracy. And we will be forever thankful to them. We’re hearing a lot about gold medals and some have won by our own U.S.A. team that we’re so proud of the last week at the Olympics. Well, this is our Olympics. This is our gold medal. And it goes today to the Capitol Police officers and the Metropolitan Police officers and others that protected us that day.

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