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Biden Administration Pushes States to Prevent Eviction Crisis

White House officials called on state governments to extend local moratoriums on evictions and accelerate the distribution of billions in rental aid, to soften the impact of the federal moratorium’s expiration on Saturday.

Given the rising urgency of the spread of the Delta variant, the president has asked all of us, including the C.D.C., to do everything in our power to look for every potential legal authority we can have to prevent evictions. To date, the C.D.C. director and her team have been unable to find legal authority, even for a more targeted eviction moratorium that would focus just on counties with higher rates of Covid spread. One of the things that he is requesting today is that state and local governments extend or pass eviction moratoriums to cover the next two months. Right now, one out of three renters who are behind in the rent are actually protected beyond the federal eviction moratorium by extended state and local evictions moratoriums. The president is asking that all governors and mayors follow suit. This president is asking that his departments that provide mortgage backed lending extend whatever eviction moratoriums they have the power to extend. So that covers U.S.D.A. and V.A. and H.U.D. He is asking that U.S.D.A, V.A. and H.U.D., and the Treasury Department as well, make clear that those who benefit from government-backed mortgages or even tax relief related to housing should not seek evictions without first seeking emergency rental assistance funding. We are going to do an all agency review to make sure that we understand any potential reason why state and local governments are not getting funds out. The president is clear: If some states and localities can get this out efficiently and effectively, there’s no reason every state and locality can’t. There is simply no excuse, no place to hide for any state or locality that is failing to accelerate the Emergency Rental Assistance Fund.

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