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Biden Administration Preparing New Eviction Moratorium

President Biden told reporters that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would seek to implement a new federal moratorium on evictions in communities across the country hardest hit by the virus.

Any call for a moratorium based on the Supreme Court recent decision is likely to face obstacles. I’ve indicated to the C.D.C. I’d like them to look at other alternatives than the one that is in power, in existence, which the court has declared they’re not going to allow to continue. And the C.D.C. will have something to announce to you in the next hour to two hours. The court’s made it clear that the existing moratorium was not constitutional. It wouldn’t stand. And they made that clear back in, I guess, July 15th or July 18th. In the meantime, what I’ve been pushing for and calling for is we have billions of dollars given to states to provide for rent and utilities for those people who can’t afford to stay in their homes because they can’t, in an apartment, they can’t pay their rent. And so we’re urging them to distribute those funds to the landlords. I believe that would take care of the vast majority. of what needs to be done to keep people in their apartments now. And so that’s what we’re working on. Some states have done it, and some communities have, but they have not. The money is there, it’s not, we don’t have to send it out. It’s been sent out to the states and counties, billions of dollars for the express purpose of providing for back rent and rent the people who are in the middle of this crisis. And that’s there, that’s what we’re pushing now. And we’ve been pushing that.

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