We’re in a situation where the pandemic has, of course, taken its new shape, as we’ve talked before, these viruses are resourceful. They — when they are transmitted, they mutate, and that makes it more of a challenge. We know that that is what we are faced with now. And so the Centers for Disease Control has talked in a new way, again, about mask wearing, about that, urging vaccination and the rest. The moratorium for eviction is a Covid initiative related to the intensity of the issue, and $46 billion was allocated, both in the year-end omnibus last December as well as in the rescue package, $46 billion dollars. This money has largely gone out to the states and local governments to implement and to give to the renters so they can pay the rent, which helps the landlords. Of course, to that we would like the C.D.C. to expand the moratorium. That’s where it can be done, and then and of course, with the public message of governors, mayors, etc, give the money for its purpose to the ranchers. So this is to me an imperative that it be done.

By Reuters

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